Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1photo meaningful. 一张幸福(13):女儿的吻。

so, hw r u all? my life here? kinda really busy here. last saturday went for an monalisa exhibition at taipei n Japan 3D illutration trick art exhibition. erm... i thk so-so only loh... maybe later will post detail gua.... hahahaa...
but, when i queue up for the fxxking long for the trick art exhibition, i saw a great image. is this lah. i saw a little girl kissed her father. i thk this is touched. is really shows the warm of their relationship. on the mark, i thk bout my dad. is true.

after i started to work, i just started to hug my dad. on his birthday. is a warm n amazing feelings.
although sometimes my dad doing something which i dont like, or i thk tat not suit him, or maybe he nt work fro him, but he really believe that it will be true, so i oso duwan to broke his heart.
i hope he will be smart in financing n investment. k?

is really tired. still plan to do somethg de, but really no energy d. hahahaha... gdnitez lah...
maybe carry-on will update slow d lah! hahahahaa....

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