Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a more healthy way to know sex.

durex ora forum screenshot

this is a forum that i knew frm
if u interested, take a tour to there?
why not?!?

erm... yup, this is genX world, open-minded world, 
sex is the most top hot hitz topic in the world, even the entire universe!! hahahaha...
not? u ignore? y so many readers for the sex or boobs title post?  hahahha....
no offense lah or wanna look down anythg lah....
jz hope other ppl can learn more or know more about sex thru the right way.
so, recommend a forum for all of u lah.
if u mind to chat bout this, so sory for that n thks for visit lah.
if u dare to chat it healthy, jz comment or tell me somethg lah, k?
thks lah...
below is a video of a hongkong sex edu programme lah.
but i thk is a good material or good raw model lah.
maybe? the guess? hahaha...

erm... this is it lah. dun thk over or wat wat here lah!
hahahhaa... i thk the girl is pretty lah, sincerely, izzit? hahaha....
i thk jfook or kenwooi will like it, izzit?wakakakkaa......

p/s: next post i will still discuss about sex lah, will u all dislike this topic?
or feel nasty? or feel uncomfortable?
or feel like i'm jerk? sex mania?
hahahhaha.. tell me ur feelings, k?
i'll improve.


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