Monday, March 7, 2011

My 1st Nuffnang cashout!! when leh?

hahahaaa.. this is kinda teasing post lah!
thks to this blogger. credit to this lah!
actually really got how many bloggers earn from nuffnang?
really so fast can cash out de mie?
i wana do my 1st nuffnang cheque cashout post oso cant leh!

actually, i wanna ask all those nuffnangers, how you made it to earn money?
i really growing up very slow leh... now i'm jobless and study at overseas.
urgent needs money lah!hahahahaa.. so hope all of u visit my blog always lah, k?
makes my blog earning fast lah!so i can use nuffnang money to study, k?

this ia my earning page. hahahaa.. i ord open 1 year d leh! hahaaa..
just earn rm70 over only leh.. why arh? hahhahaaa...

i saw alot successful cases. but  nt me, why?
hahahahaha.. i need to find out the problems lah.
k? thks lah! hehehehe...
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