Thursday, June 30, 2011

[movie] click by adam sandler, an inspiring movie.

just realise his premiere is on june 23, i watch on june 25, today lah.....[sory, i write this post earlier lah...]
but is different years lah... wakakaka....

erm... actually i like the other version of poster, do u seen before? hahahaa..
click [read more] for read more... wakakakkaa...

this poster like more teasing, izzit? hahahahahaaa.....
with big boobs huh? but i dun think this is michael's wifes' boobs lah...
hahahhha.. just for fun lah i think.

for this movie ,click, from the beginning i think is funny, great idea to have a remote to adjust everything, anything of ur life, can you image it? hahahhaaa.....

but, like our ancestors said about yin and yang, if 1 side to overload, the another side also wont get balance.
so in this movie, Michael just use the remote to fast forward those bad, lazy,irritating moments, just enjoy it the best or glory time of his life. but from this way, he lost a lot of  precious times and even every single minutes n seconds with his children n lovely wife, so, when the remote records down what moment he wish to fast forward, it will do it automatically.

frm the beginning is a good solution, but in the end, he regrets to do that, even he cant fulfill his wife from normal sex life, how awful is that, isn't it? hahahahaa...

besides that, i really like this actor, her name is kate beckinsale. i think she' very very gorgeous for me.
she's a damn good wife in this movie.altough in the middle end of the movie, she choose to divorce because of michael, but she still a great wife. hahahaha.. when i can have a damn good wife?
pray for me lah! wakakakaka.....

this inspires me a a lot today, it reminds me you must experiences or go through every part of your life, no matter there are happiness or sadness,  u should accept it what it comes. k?
so, i hope this movie can be a choice of your weekend killing boredom, k?
please let me know what you thinking of this movie too, k? good luck guys!





bonus! hahahaaa.....
i love two songs in this movie, there are:
you get what you give from new radicals.

and linger from cranberries. hahahhaaa....

is kinda very nice n classic! this kind of songs is like u can listen it many many times and you wont feel boring de lah... hehehehee...
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