Tuesday, August 23, 2011

啤酒的另类喝法!special way to drink beer!

so, how are you all, my dear readers? hahaha... let u see a type of beer in taiwan, is call taiwan beer lah!!!
hahahahaa... but tat day my cousin which study in taiwan, she told me they have a special way to drink it! can u guess what's the way they drink? hahahaha... let see more lah!!! and u may tell me ur weird or special way of drinking beer, ok? cheers!!!!!!

    prepare a bag of plum, those like u eat it when u wanna vomit.首先是准备话梅啦!就是酸梅啦!

 put it the glass or big jug if u wanna drink alot.把话梅丢进你要喝的杯子还是容器里。

then pour the beer in the glass or jug lah, let u rendam for a while, then u can taste the sour taste in the beer.is kinda unique taste when u drink it. hahahaha....



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