Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1photo meaningful. 一张幸福(25) sweet couple甜蜜情侶。

ah mike, n his belove gf, steph.

今天是情人節,就po上他們恩愛的照片。他們在我們中學的時候就在一起了,男的很厲害,女的是空姐哦!哈哈哈... 在此祝福我這位brother幸福快樂,可以看到你們步入教堂,好嗎?會為你們多多祈禱,你們也要加油!

情人節快樂!happy valentine‘s day!

to my beloved readers, this is my best bro n his gf.
sharing out this to wishing u all have a great valentine's day!
no matter u are single or u are fall in love, ok?
have a great celebrate n have a great party too, ok?
shalom! cheers!!!!
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