Friday, September 10, 2010

Google Instant. google new features.

wow... i cant believe i watching Google launching their new features, Google instant.
cant wait to blog it out! erm.. hope 1 day i oso can attend this kind of event. heheehe....

i just snap it this Indian engineer.

so, what's the different for previous and latest?
check their teaser and promo video 1st.

so,after you read all those thgs, is time to show the Google Instant power.

this is the old one.
so, as usual, u nid to type the word n enter to start ur search. this is the normal screenshot.

this is the new 1.
now u just type even 1 alphabet, it will appear it instantly without tap enter or click search.
so, this is amazing and gorgeous new features.

unfortunely, didnt have this feature.
if you wanna try, please visit
If it still link back to .my, u just click the to " go to" at below.
then u can experience the new faster search, and fresh launch!!!!
hahahahha...... what you waiting for? come n experience it!
although i'm nt IT geek, but i used to google for design too.
thks, google.

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