Saturday, October 15, 2011

food in taiwan[3] 臺灣的便當&等等

my beloved readers, how are u? is time to let me update more more lah!
is been a very busy time for me to finish my assignments, contest and much more.
so now i present all those ben-dong in taiwan! yoo!

 雞排飯 chicken chop rice
 日本咖哩飯 japanese style curry rice

 豬肉包 pork burger breakfast set.

雞絲滷肉飯 chicken pork rice?哈哈哈....

 什麼雞便當吧? 哈哈... any chicken meat rice.
 叉燒香腸飯 cha siu taiwan sausage rice.
 很好喝的coco檸檬蘆薈  lemon aloe vera juice.

鹵豬排飯 pork chop rice. wakakaka....
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